If you are here looking for a way to submit an issue with my software, please use GitHub as your means of telling me.  It’s much easier for me to handle issues on GitHub; please reserve the contact methods below for other reasons.  If, however, you do send me an email/tweet about an issue you are encountering, you will feel the wrath of an angry developer.  Trust me, you don’t want that.

I am not the biggest fan of social networking.  However, I do find it very useful for quick communications, and because of that I made a public twitter account that you’re welcome to shoot me a quick message on.  I say “quick” because twitter limits messages to 140 characters.  If you have more characters in your message than that, I would suggest sending me an email.

Feel free to reach me on my public email!  I will try to respond as quickly as possible, and under most circumstances you should have a response back within 12 hours upon sending.

[email protected]