If you are here looking for a way to submit an issue with my software, please use GitHub as your means of telling me.  It’s much easier for me to handle issues on GitHub; please reserve the contact methods below for other reasons (if you do have an issue, you may want to check out the issue-related Q/A on the Copyright page).  If, however, you do send me an email/tweet about an issue you are encountering, you will feel the wrath of an angry developer.  Trust me, you don’t want that.

I am not the biggest fan of social networking.  However, I do find it very useful for quick communications, and because of that I made a public twitter account that you’re welcome to shoot me a quick message on.  I say “quick” because twitter limits messages to 140 characters.  If you have more characters in your message than that, I would suggest sending me an email.

I am also going to answer some common questions I get in a Q/A format below!

Q: Can I use X mod in my modpack?
Yes. Please don’t ask me this question, as I state very clearly on my forum posts and GitHub repositories that host my content that I have no issue with your modpack.

Q: Can I host X on my website/forum/wiki?
Please read the above answer, but replace “modpack” with “website.” :)

Q: I have run into this weird glitch/bug/crash that is really bad! Fix?
Believe it or not, the majority of bug reports posted are duplicates. First of all, head on over to my GitHub page (link in the nav-bar).  Find the software you encountered the issue in and click the little “Issues” tab on the right side of the page. Scroll through the already existent issues and see if yours is noted there. If not, check the already closed issues by hitting the “Closed” tab. Not there? Before submitting an issue, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this really an issue associated with Aidan’s software, and not someone else’s? Sweep through a log (if you have one) and check for the name of my software you suspect the issue is associated with. If it’s not there, unless you’re certain it involves me for some reason, you should probably rethink submitting an issue!
  • Is there a crash associated with the issue? If so, have I submitted the log in a readable fashion? Don’t be “that guy” who forgets to provide a necessary log, or “that guy” who posts a 1000 line log on a single GitHub issue. If it’s a big log, use something like Pastebin, and then provide the link!
  • Can I reproduce this issue by following a specific, never-failing procedure? All issues are caused by something happening, it’s just the way a computer works. However, this is not always easy to see. Try to figure out how to reproduce the issue you’re encountering, and if you can, provide steps on the issue you submit. If you can’t reproduce it, it’s likely an extreme corner case, and I have to admit I will probably treat it with less priority than I would other, easily reproducible issues.

Did you survive the three questions of doom? If you did, congratulations! Hit the green “New Issue” button and provide the necessary information. Hooray! :)

Feel free to reach me on my public email!  I will try to respond as quickly as possible, and under most circumstances you should have a response back within 12 hours upon sending.  However, in the case that I don’t respond quickly, please, please don’t send me another!  Really!

[email protected]