Wordzie is an iOS-based multiplayer vocabulary game, originally inspired by the simplistic style of Etermax’s TriviaCrack.  The app allows for an easy and fun way to learn new words while playing with your friends, no matter what your skill level is.


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface – suitable for all ages.
  • Shipped with 1,000 of the most used SAT words in a single list, ready to be used.
  • Word list creator and editor!  Create and use your own sets of words pertaining to what you’re studying.
  • Simple account management – just enter in a username, password, and your email, and you can connect to all Wordzie users.
  • Multiplayer capabilities – play with a friend, on your own, or with a random Wordzie user!
  • Multiple game types – play a single set of words, or face off with your friends in a best of 5 setting.

Wordzie is available on the iOS App Store for just $.99, and it will soon be out on OS X for just a dollar more.


Encountering an issue with Wordzie, or have a suggestion?  GitHub is the place for you!  Just open an issue and provide any necessary information, and I’ll read over it shortly after.

Wordzie’s GitHub Page

Comments and Concerns

If you have any questions for me (the developer and owner), please view the contact page on my website.  I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as I can!