Did you know that I develop software? I sure didn’t!

Just kidding. I did.

All my work can be found here, just select the software you want to check out from the Software drop-down menu.  I’ll provide you with some details on this page, though, so you don’t have to go into all that trouble of clicking things.

Mekanisman aimless Minecraft mod!
I started work on Mekanism in late 2011, and if I can sum up my experience with it’s development in a few words, I’d have to say that it has been a blast.  I’m still updating this with more content all the time, and I would love to hear your ideas for features if you have any!

Chatter dynamic discussion-based chat!
Chatter started out as a little project of mine to get two clients to talk to each other with a server-based system.  Upon completion, however, I had a bunch of great ideas for it’s development, so I jumped right in and added a bunch of features.  It’s still in that pre-alpha development stage, but I’ll be posting updates on it’s development for sure!

BudJet Pro – keeping track of your budget…such a pro!
BudJet Pro, I’m ashamed to admit, is currently a cluttered mess.  However, I have completed the interface, and making a nice-looking GUI in Swing is always an achievement.  The ultimate goal of the software is to provide an easy way to keep track of how much money you have with a deposit/withdraw based system, as well as a way to track recent transactions in a log which includes descriptions of recent purchases or received funds.  It may be a while, but this will one day be released – trust me!