In regards to my works:
I am a big proponent of open source software, and as a result, most of the work I distribute is open source.  For explicit license details, check out the GitHub repositories of my projects, as some of them differ.  You can check out all my source code on my GitHub page which can be accessed on the navigation bar at the top of this window.  You can also click here if you’re lazy!

In regards to my website:
My website is hosted through IndieWikis and utilizes a modified version of the original “Highwind” theme by James Koster, which has done me very well so far.

In regards to everything:
If you would like to use my open source projects for inspiration or implement snippets of my code, I encourage you to do so; it’s how I learned, after all.  However, I do request that you do not distribute my work without my permission.  Don’t be a jerk!