Mekanism requires Minecraft Forge to load. Mekanism is separated into a core module that includes all the primary content, and several other modules that focus on specific aspects of the mod. The core module is required for all the others to be installed, but none of the other modules are dependent upon each other. Just drop the modules you want into your “mods” folder to install, and you’re good to go!

Note: MDK (Mekanism Development Kit) is intended for use by developers and should not be used alongside the other modules.

Recommended downloads

Release Downloads for 1.7.10MDKMekanismMekanismGeneratorsMekanismTools for 1.7.10MDKMekanismMekanismGeneratorsMekanismTools for 1.7.10MDKMekanismMekanismGeneratorsMekanismTools for 1.7.10MDKMekanismMekanismGeneratorsMekanismTools

Legacy downloads

  • This feature request has been more trouble than it's worth.
  • Fix the bad implementation of the ambient lighting toggle
    • Make cyan brighter
    • Made MekGen recipes more OreDict friendly
    • Fixed strange glow panel issue
    • Fixed a Portable Tank crash
    • Minor cleanup
    • Get rid of IPipeTile since it wasn't working anyway. Fixes #1971, #1975
    • Reorganise trait registration
    • Efficiency of isValidAcceptor methods.
    • Fix Portable Tank NPE
    • Fix a silly mistake
    • Oops.
    • Add RedstoneControl to Electric Pump.
    • Make glowing plastic blocks glow.
    • Introduce statistical consumption of gases.
    • Fix paxels
    • Update ja_JP.lang
      • Update fr_FR.lang
      • Update ja_JP.lang
      • Create ja_JP.lang
      • Update ja_JP.lang
      • Get rid of IPipeTile since it wasn't working anyway. Fixes #1971, #1975
      • Reorganise trait registration
      • Update fr_FR.lang
      • Should fix #1762.
      • Another fix attempt
      • Attempt a fix at an API bug
      • Update ru_RU.lang
      • Update fr_FR.lang
      • Fix me being stupid. #1943
      • Make PULL mode actually, and exclusively, pull.
      • Only receive RF from sides in NORMAL mode.
      • Stop UniCables claiming to carry MJ
      • Update lots of APIs, most notably BC and an actual 1.7 version of CC
      • Giant optimise imports.
      • Update fr_FR.lang
      • gigi gege
      • Let there be translated descriptions!
      • Added NEI usage handler for infusion objects
      • Update FR language
      • That was not a statement.
      • Fix a tesseract fluid issue.
      • Hopefully stop corruption hitting gas tanks.
      • Add config options to blacklist the different power systems.
      • Add comparator support to the GasTank (#1829).
      • Update ko_KR.lang
      • Create ko_KR.lang
      • Hopefully fix the Gas Generator issue for good.
      • add config for salination plant water transformation per update
      • add "dump excess" option to gas tank
      • compare stack tags as well as item id
      • add right click decrement functionality to teleporter digits
      • read and write entire item stack using PacketHandler in TransporterStack
      • Update zh_CN.lang
      • Update zh_CN.lang
      • Add missing energy info tab Rotary Condensentrator Gui.
      • Fix energy gauge in Rotary Condensentrator GUI always appearing empty.
      • Add missing energy gauge tooltip to Chemical Infuser and Chemical Oxidizer.
      • Add energy info widget to Pressurized Reaction Chamber.
      • Fix the build failing. No idea what that was caused by but a ForgeGradle update did it.
      • Make energy upgrades affect fuel usage
      • Increased Gas Tank's output by a factor of 16 - it now can emit 256 units of gas per tick. This should help counter the secondary energy changes.
      • Mouse button binding fixed
      • Cherry pick: Fix not sending tile updates
      • Configurator Overhaul. Modes now more accurately descriptive.
      • Fix Gas Generator item gas tank restoration.
      • Cleanup
      • Fix integer conversion
      • Clean up some stuff using ForgeDirection's rotation matrix.
      • Fix Sorter facing calculation.
      • Oops. Missed a loop with direct emission to BC.
      • Continue the attempting to be killing the bug with the fire...
      • Try and fix the mouse binding issue.
      • Update version to 7.1.1 due to Configurator ehancements.
      • Try and fix the mouse binding issue.
      • Continue the attempting to be killing the bug with the fire...
      • Fixed RedstoneArsenal dependency
      • Fix secondary energy consumption with speed upgrades.
      • Fix some pretty severe plenisher problems that must have gone a while relatively unnoticed.
      • Fix I goofed.
      • Fixed the evil Bounding Block crash, fixed Dynamic Tank crashing when flowing icon is null
      • A couple crash fixes
      • Merged the updateCapacity() fix to development
      • Added a check to prevent null world calls
      • Added check for 7.0-7.1 Bin crashes
      • Added sustained fluid and gas tanks to PRC and Electrolytic Separator, fixed Gas Generator losing energy when being picked up
      • Sustained gas and fluid support for Chemical Washer, Chemical Crystallizer and Chemical Infuser
      • Started work on a new system of managing sustained data
      • Finished off new system of sustained data
      • Generators now sustain fluid and gas data
      • Fixed default enchantibilities
      • Stop a potential NPE in Gas Gauges.
      • Move StackUtil to api package for not causing errors.
      • Revert back to the old method of power distribution to fix BuildCraft issues. We shouldn't try to make up for other mods' bugs.
      • Fixed an API issue, fixed Robit nametag not updating, fixed Sorter Mod ID filter bugginess
      • Fixed Atomic Disassembler issue
      • Updated the RP API to hash e853d244
      • Added additional power generation configuration (#1164)
      • Fixed some Electric Chest bugs
      • Stop pipes connecting to front of Heat Generator.
      • Fixed a few bugs
      • Cleanup
      • Tiny cleanup
      • Fixed a Digital Miner oversight, fixed Bins losing NBT data and allow Bins to accept items with varying item damage
      • Implement canConnectEnergy so RF cables don't connect when they shouldn't
      • Cleaned up that fix
      • Bump version to 7.1.0.
      • Fixed Electric Pump lag - was able to completely eliminate system of node cleaning while boosting performance immensely
      • Fixed incorrect Advanced Solar Generator generation rate display
      • Fixed an issue where networks would be forgotten, made shift-M turn jetpack off immediately, simplified network code a bit
      • Started work on Range4D for new packet system
      • Move to Forge block rotation implementation.
      • Add CC IPeripheralProvider to Bounding, EnergyCube and Generator blocks
      • Major packet improvements - trying to get on the good side of server owners. More to come.
      • Turns out I was sending a ton of packets to the entire player list on the server when it wasn't actually necessary at all, switched to new sendToReceivers() method
      • Push back those fixes
      • More fixes
      • Remove unnecessary entity registrations - registerModEntity does it for us. Pray to any and all applicable supernatural entities that this solves the (EntityLivingBase)EntityBalloon crash
      • Fix my typo
      • Fixed Dynamic Tanks not updating when being filled with buckets. I knew I missed something.
      • Quick cleanup
      • Fixed the no-update issues
      • Fixed cable functionality
      • Merge back the network fixes
      • Make redstone-split transmitters join correctly again. Presumably this being broken is why merge() was unused.
      • Cherry-pick:
      • Fix Dissolution Chamber upgrades.
      • Only break Logistical Sorter algorithm when items are actually sent
      • Fix the network fix (doEmit was always being called with tryAgain false).
      • Fixed crash related to OreDictCache
      • Fix running with Forestry but not BC.
      • Fluidic Plenisher now detects block updates directly below it, and will replace the block if necessary. Will also no longer replace other source blocks.
      • Allow top/bottom to interact with charging slot
      • Fix the BuildCraft leak quickly
      • Fix some Server-side packets being sent by the client
      • Various fixes to rendering
      • Committed the other files I meant to commit.
      • Update zh_TW.lang
      • Stop a potential NPE in Gas Gauges.
      • Fix trying to use IC2 EnergyNet without IC2 installed. It would never work anyway.
      • Tweak energynet logic a bit to safeguard against overly high tiers of IC2 acceptor and things that implement everything but with only one working.
      • Update ru_RU.lang
      • Fix Gas Generator not accepting Buildcraft fuels.
      • Fixed a silly bug
      • Fix Logistical Transporter Item Loss (#1353)
      • Change Digital Miner GUI to show actual energy usage per tick
      • Actual 6.0.4 release
      • Update pl_PL.lang
      • v6.0.4 push
      • Several fixes
      • Fix key calls
      • Fix a few annoying bugs
      • Fix a bug with advanced electric machines
      • v6.0.4 release
        • Added energy check for Atomic Disassembler hoe function
        • Update
        • Fix indentation and remove trailing whitespace
        • Update pt_BR.lang
        • Proper charcoal block math
        • Create pt_BR.lang
        • Add MekanismTool balance configuration
        • Fix up Chemical Crystalizer saving issue
        • Fix GUI crash, items with outputs now take priority in factories and electric machines
        • Made generators solid
        • Fix panel harvest levels
        • Bump version to 6.0.3
        • Fix Chemical Crystalizer auto-output, got that dissolution chamber to actually use sulfuric acid
        • Whoops! Got rid of the old Atomic Disassembler icon
        • Added link to Mekanism site
        • Added a necessary null check
        • Update zh_TW.lang

        Just repeating what’s mentioned on the sidebar, any donation amount of at least $5 gives you your very own, high-tech MekaCape! This will be visible to you and all players on servers which have Mekanism installed.

        Premium Membership:

        Just like I do with all the other free software I offer, I provide a premium membership for Mekanism users. Donate any amount of at least $10, and you get direct Mekanism and MekanismDev build server access for a whole year. In other words, beta Mekanism features will be available to you right as I’m working on them, and you don’t need to worry about those pesky ads. An email will be sent to the address provided with a download key you can use to access new builds. All donations will help pay for the site, and the remaining profit will buy me a latte or two to keep me coding :)

        If you donated directly via PayPal, just fill out the form provided below after donating, and I’ll send you the necessary information regarding your membership. Otherwise, if you donated via Patreon, just follow the instructions on the site.  Below is a link to Patreon, as well as a donate button with a fixed amount of $10 for your convenience.

        Sign Up for Mekanism Premium

        Donate via Patreon

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