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This page contains downloads for legacy versions of Mekanism.

Download latest Mekanism 1.6.4 v6.0.5.46

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Legacy downloads

  • Going back to MIT, thanks to the concerns of @bshelden and @asiekierka
  • Restrict Thermal Evaporation Plant output to needed
  • Fixed chunk churning issue with frames
  • Add config option to disable block protections
  • Bump up Dynamic Tank max storage, fixed Factory container issue
  • Added version-based handling, bump version to 9.1.1
  • Remove deploader, depend on MCMP fixes #3991
  • Do not extract steam as a gas from a reactor, it is not registred as a
  • Fix Turbine not returning energy capability
  • Fix unsave cast in Atomic Disassembler - fixes #4120
  • Fix wrong fence color - Fixes #3954
  • Fixed missing plastic colour state
  • Allow for sword repairability
  • Fix #4192
  • Fix armor balance order
  • Add uranium to minor compat
  • Make Brine a liquid
  • Add Draconium to minor compat
  • Fix cardboard box crash
  • Several Tesla fixes
  • Fix key handler crash, allow underscore in Logistical Sorter interface,
  • Fix filters not allowing apostrophe
  • Check simulation parameters in Tesla integration
  • Add necessary null check
  • Bump version for release
  • Added compressed diamond, obsidian, and redstone to the ore dictionary.
  • Fix for #4233, in which thermal evaporation tower was attempting to