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This page contains downloads for legacy versions of Mekanism.

Download latest Mekanism 1.6.4 v6.0.5.46

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Legacy downloads

  • add simulate support to TileEntityBin.add/remove & backwards compatible
  • add subclass for IItemHandler, allowing other blocks to access the
  • add gradle binaries
  • Issue3887 (#1)
  • Update zh_CN file
  • Fix some errors
  • Fix a little error
  • make christmas.... on christmas
  • Fixed gas auto-output
  • Fixed Dynamic Tank logic issue, changed transmitter redstone
  • Fixed tesla crash
  • Bump version to 9.2.1
  • Add a check to prevent render exception
  • Increase MCMP version to latest
  • Account for meta in the JEI ISubtypeInterpreter
  • Fixed homeLocation write
  • Fix for issue 3954
  • Fix for issue #3887
  • Fix breaking of Glow Panels
  • Crash fixes!