Mekanism v6

…has been released.

Yes, it’s true.  After months and months of development, testing, and stressing of new features, the day has come.  Those on the #mekanism IRC channel got to witness the great cluster of over 500 commits stream over the chat log.

With the update, Mekanism now has an official wiki which is being hosted through IndieWikis.  This website and the build server is also now being generously hosted through Mastergalen, IndieWikis’ founder.

Some of you have probably experienced issues with the build server over the past day or two.  This is completely my fault and is due to the great move to the new host.  Clearing up a few confusions:

  • Mekanism is, and will remain, free.  Several of you thought I was going to begin charging for new releases since the main download links led to a login page on the build server.  This was due to an issue with permissions, and has since been fixed.
  • Mekanism’s primary build server is going to remain open.  I was considering locking down the main Jenkins build server and requiring users to go through this site’s download page, but I changed my mind.  If you prefer Jenkins, you can use Jenkins :)
  • Development builds will be closed in the next few days.  This is for several reasons, specifically that I do not want bug reports to pop up from non-testers who encounter issues with knowingly unstable builds.  After all, without restricted beta access there would be no hype with the coming of new features! However, once it goes private, primary testers (you know who you are) will be given access.  Users with premium memberships will still be able to access the dev builds.
  • Mekanism v7 is already in the works.  Yes, you heard me right.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this release, feel free to leave me a PM over IRC or pass me an email.  All bug reports go straight to GitHub.

Enjoy, and let me know what contraptions you come up with :)

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