The Art of Updating

It’s been almost four months since my last post here.  I’m actually kind of disappointed in myself.

As most of you all know, Forge has been updated to 1.7.2 for quite some time now, and ChickenBones managed to update NEI, Forge Multipart and his other libraries as well.  Apparently 1.7.10 is already on the way, however, which means quite a bit of work is still to be done.  I seriously am debating whether or not it’s worth it to update to 1.7 at all.

Well, debated.  I decided to update anyway.

I just fixed the Jenkins server, so a working Mekanism build for 1.7.2 has been pushed to all premium users.  There are currently two major issues with the version – the first being strange rendering of cables (which is actually fixed in Minecraft 1.7.4), and the second being the temporary removal of the NEI module until I fix it.  I plan on having a recommended 1.7 build pushed out once Forge decides to update to the latest Minecraft version (which may be 1.7.11 pretty soon).

Aside from 1.7 news, I have also just pushed the final release for 1.6.4 – Mekanism v6.0.5 – which includes all the fixes present in the development branch (as well as a few additional performance enhancements).  It is the new recommended build and is available now on the download page.


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