An October Update

Hey all.

I’ve been wanting to post an update here for a while- I actually typed up a few posts I was hoping to publish but I thought it’d be best for me to clear a few responsibilities from my plate first.

I’m now in the very middle of the first semester of my senior year of high school, and though my classwork definitely isn’t letting up, just this past week I submitted my final university application, something that was (for a while at least) my biggest time commitment.  Now begin the grueling months of waiting before decisions come in the mail; even my ‘early action’ schools do not notify applicants until mid-December.  On the bright side, it’s a relief to finally have free time again.

I’m working with my city’s conservancy right now on an informational mobile app, and am having a great time doing so. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by spring, but in the meantime I also have been dying to get back into Mekanism development, even if it’s just fixing up some of the seemingly endless bug reports that have piled on the GitHub page since my absence.  Expect to see me active again soon!

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