A simple changelog

Mekanism v9.3 is out for Minecraft 1.11, and I figured I’d make a post to detail the changes.  No major content is added, but the amount of minor changes and fixes is too long to count.  Here’s a list of my favorites:

  • 1.11 support!
  • Transmitters have been refactored to allow for Mekanism to run without MCMP
  • Forge Energy support
  • Improved Tesla support
  • Item and Fluid capability support
  • Shift-scroll to change Configurator modes
  • More lightweight Mekanism API (MDK)
  • More inteliigent Logistical Transporter mechanics and inventory management
  • Better OpenComputers/CC integration
  • UUID support for frequencies, allowing for persistent data across username change
  • Sound effects for all machinery
  • Added option to Transporter filters to prevent default auto eject
  • Block bounds for Lasers and Logistical Sorters
  • Added stock control to Formulaic Assemblicator
  • Scroll-wheel support for interface elements
  • Countless other stability improvements

Have fun, and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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