A Long-Awaited Release

Hey all.  v7 has been pushed.

After many months of planning, implementing, and fixing (oh, the fixing), I performed the great merge of 320 commits into the master branch.  I hope you enjoy the:

  • 1.7.10 update, which involved a complete rewrite of the networking code.
  • Efficiency improvements, which should allow Mekanism to perform much faster on both clients and servers.
  • Portable Tanks, which I will (hopefully) be making a video on tomorrow.
  • Filter Cards, which let you save and swap filter data of Logistical Sorters and Digital Miners.
  • Seismic Vibrator and Seismic Reader, which let you explore layers under the surface without the hassle of picking up a pickaxe.
  • Salt Blocks, which make higher-tier ore processing slightly easier (and spawn kinda like clay does).
  • Fluidic Plenisher, which is the ever-hyped “opposite of a pump.”
  • Pressurized Reaction Chamber, which will be easier to use if you have installed NEI.
  • Glow Panels, which will, quite simply, brighten (and colorize!) your day.
  • Material and Mod ID Filters, which give Digital Mining and Logistical Sorting entirely new experiences.
  • Plastic Decoration Blocks, which I promise won’t pollute your oceans!

There’s a lot more to this update as well, but I’ll let you see it for yourself.  In the meantime, I’m busy coding flamethrowers for Mekanism v8.

Signing off.

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