Here in the U.S., junior year is a pretty packed year.

It’s the year that you stack as many commitments into your schedule as you can in order to make a good impression on universities.  Even though I disagree with this routine, it is widely accepted as the way to get into a good college.  On top of this, you are expected to maintain a challenging course load packed to the brim with AP courses, do well on both your finals and your AP exams, and hold a solid GPA.  And even more, standardized testing (SATs, ACTs) are thrown at you along with gruesome hours of studying test-taking strategies and vocabulary.  It’s not fun!

You can probably now see the reason I haven’t been too active lately.  I’ve set my standards pretty high for my college selection, and the consequences of doing so are attacking me from all angles.  I’m pulling through, however – I should at least be done with the evil standardized tests by November.

Aside from this, I’ve been keeping a notebook with me that I’ve been writing ideas in.  Ideas not only for Mekanism, but also for my almost-complete PeerChess app, and for a social networking project I’m working on with a partner.  I’ve been warming myself up for these things both by prepping to become Java certified and also by developing little games.  I made pong the other day and had my friend record the sound effects – it’s pretty funny.

If you’re reading this, however, you’re probably most interested in Mekanism.  That’s understandable, and I have some plans and content in the works that should make you happy.  I’ll plan on making an update later with some sneak peeks.

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